Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stamp It Layered Squares Project

Hello all!!

First thing I'd like to do is to send out prayers to all of those who were affected by the terrible storms we had last week.  I hope you all can get back to your normal lives very soon.

Now, for this week's project.  I looked at the new Stamp It images from Crafter's Companion and wondered how I could incorporate one of them into something other than a card this week.  Well, here's what I came up with ...

I used three complementary colors for my 9-square image.  I used an orange (color A), a yellow-green (color B), and a purple (color C).  I centered an orange image on a piece of white, 3 3/4" square card stock.  I stamped another image in purple, and one in yellow-green, on the same type of card stock.

I followed the grid to the right and cut out squares from the purple and yellow-green images.  I cut the squares into triangles by following the direction of the dividing lines on the grids.

I used the grid to layer my triangles on top of the orange base image.  I layered them using the double-sided adhesive foam.

After I'd completed the layering, I used the Extra Strong Permanent Tape Runner to attach a piece of 4 1/4" square of purple pearlescent card stock to the center of a piece of 5" square yellow-green pearescentl card stock. Both of these colors come in the "Brights" Paper & Card Pack. I used the same tape to adhere the layered piece to the center of the purple card stock.

Here is a close-up view of the layers ...

I put the completed piece into a 5" square frame I purchased at my local craft store.  Please note, I put the piece in front of the glass so it wouldn't get smashed.

I'm sure this project will be getting you all kinds of compliments and will be starting many interesting conversations.

Until next time, I am ever searching for inspiration.


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