Sunday, March 18, 2012

Where is my Vagabond?

My Vagabond is in Frankfort, Kentucky.  Frankfort is the state capital of Kentucky.  On on this lovely day - almost spring - I took my Vagabond machine for a visit to the Capitol.

Here a some of the pictures I took ...


Now, don't think I've gone off the deep end ... I am doing this to get some goodies from Sizzix.  Have you got a Vagabond machine?  Click here to find out more about the promotion.

Until next time, I am ever searching for inspiration.



  1. Lisa- This is a prize winning photo for sure! The judges will love it, I'm positive. So since I was here I took a look at all of your wonderful paper engineering- Lovely stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great shots! Thanks for taking us on a tour.

  3. Oh we are so off the deep end aren't we? Yip, I took mine to the beach...the things us crafters will do...

  4. PS: do you know word verification is on your blog? Do you want it there? I didn't on mine and didn't even know it was there till some one told is easy to take off if you follow these instructions from a blog I found...