Monday, April 30, 2012

What time did you say it was?

Sometimes I look at a clock for the time and think, "How boring is that?!!" 

Well not any more.  Check out my clock ...

Since this is for my own personal use, I enlarged the Stamp-It Discovery Collection - Rose Clock image on my scanner/printer.  I printed it off at about 7 1/2" wide.  I colored the main image using my Spectrum Noir alcohol markers.   Be sure to check them out.  They're very reasonably priced.  There's also a DVD tutorial that is very helpful in learning how to use them. 
  I thought it needed a little something more, so I used a stipple brush  
  with some ink pads, and stippled color around the edges. 

After I'd colored my image, I took the clock out of the package.  This particular clock came from a chain store, and didn't cost very much.  After the clock was out of the package, I turned it over on the back.  There were several screws on the back.  I unscrewed all of them, and pulled out part of the clock by the works box.  This is the part that has the clock face on it; as well as hands of the clock.  I pulled the hands off the clock.  (Be sure to place them to the side in the order that you pulled them off.)

Here's how I finished off the clock face ...

I got out my compass and put the spike end just barely in the hole where the clock hands came out of.  I then adjusted the pencil to reach the edge of the clock face.  I drew a circle, using that measurement, on  scrap piece of card stock.  Then, I put that behind my colored image and held them up to the light.  I centered the scrap circle to the image and turned them upside down.  I drew the around the scrap card stock circle with a pencil and cut it out.  You will need to make a hole in the center for the hands to be put back on.  I made mine starting out with the spiked end of my compass.  I then made the hole big enough to allow for the shaft that holds the clock hands.

Make sure that you line up the new clock face with the old one.  I attached the new clock face to the original using the extra-strong permanent tape.  I put gem stones at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions.  I eyeballed the other numbers and used slightly smaller gem stones for those numbers.

I placed the hands back on the clock.  I flipped it over and screwed back in all of the screws that hold it together.  Then added the battery and there it was.  I pretty clock to look at.

Some ideas to think about ...

You could use some of the Art Kure stamps from Mike Goss for a nice clock with cool scenery on it.  You could use some of the Humphrey images for a clock in a kid's room.  If you used a repositionable adhesive to hold on the new clock face, you could change your clock with the seasons.  You could use number stickers instead of the gem stones.  Just make sure that the hands will freely pass over whatever embellishments you use.

I'm so glad we had this "time" together ...  

Until next time, I am ever searching for inspiration.



  1. What a beautiful job, love your clock!!

  2. I saw your clock on the CC Information blog and just fell in love with it!!! Thank you so much for the tutorial too...I was wondering how you made it all work!

    I'm a new follower, and can't wait to see what you do next!!!

  3. What a fantastic idea....... I'm waiting for the Year of Humphrey cd rom to arrive and will be trying this idea once it arrives. Sue (little bee)