Thursday, August 1, 2013

Reflecting by the Pool

Well friends, it's time for another project using another digital image from A Creative Need.  This time, I made an ATC (Artist Trading Card).

So, what do you think?

Here's how I did it ...

Into a Word 10 document, I inserted the Lazy Days digital image presented on the A Creative Need blog.  I printed the image onto white card stock that would be suitable for Copic marker coloring.

Then, I colored the image with Copic markers.  Here are the colors I used …
for hat:  Y11, Y15, Y21, Y32, and Y35;
for bathing suit:  V12 and V15;
and for skin:  E000, E51, and R11.

After image was colored, I fussy cut it from the card stock.  I put this to the side until needed.
I then cut a 2 ½” x 3 ½” (Artist Trading Card size) from light gray card stock.  I placed the girl on the gray ATC piece.  I drew in the lines from the image onto the gray card stock.

You should find or make a piece of paper that reminds you of water.  This should be at least 2 ½” wide.  Make sure it at least the length of the top of the ATC to the line that goes across the girl’s legs.  In this next photo, you will see how I positioned the paper and then carefully folded it back to reveal the line that will be where the girl is sitting.  The fold line is where I cut the excess from the water paper.  Attach the water colored paper to the ATC with your favorite adhesive.

I felt the ATC could use a little something else to help it along, so I drew in tiles and stones to make it look like the girl is sitting on the side of a pool.  I used a permanent black marker and a soft leaded pencil for the tiles and shading.  Some of the shading was smeared to make the shadows.

The last steps of this ATC were as follows ...

I trimmed 1/16" from one short side and from one long side of the ATC.  I cut another ATC size piece of black card stock.  I layered and centered the gray card stock on top of the black card stock and used adhesive to attach them.  The last thing was to adhere the girl onto the top of the ATC.

I hope this ATC reminds you of the "Lazy Days of Summer".  Speaking of which ... check out the 

Until next time, I am ever searching for inspiration.