Thursday, November 28, 2013

After you've gone to the sales ... in the cold weather ... beaten off the hundreds of other shoppers ...

go home, put on your jammies, get a cup of hot chocolate and stop in at A Creative Need.

There's a sale there too!  Just click on the sale sign to go there.

Have you entered the A Creative Need contest giveaway yet? You could win 3 A Creative Need digital images just for leaving a comment on the 11/28/2013 blog post. Check it out!  AND you only have a few days left to pick up the November 2013 FREEBIE before it’s gone!

Remember to be creative throughout the holiday season. It's cheaper than therapy and more fun too!!

Until next time, I am ever searching for inspiration,


Thursday, November 7, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ...

Hello everyone!!  I am usually one not to work on Christmas items until it's too late.  However, this year I was given inspiration with the Christmas images from A Creative Need.

My projects go right along with the A Creative Need November Challenge.  You may click on the link and it will take you to the blog from A Creative Need.  There you will find more information about the monthly challenges and what you could win.

This month for A Creative Need, I have designed two projects.  The first one is a box that can be used as a dish to hold Christmas candy.  Or, you could use it as a decoration with Christmas ornaments in it.

Here is a sneak peek at my other project which
will be discussed on my next blog entry today.

I created a Word document and inserted the digital image Bells and Holly from A Creative Need's Etsy shop.  I left the image at the original size (3.35" x 4.53").  I suggest that you leave at least a faint border to around the image.  In my examples, I've left the border dark for to make it easier to see where the additional tabs need to be drawn in.  I used 130# card stock to print on.  I used this heavier card stock to add stability to my project.

In the example above, I show where I drew a  line (2.5" long) one half inch to the left of the image box.  I tried to center it somewhat.  I also drew a line (3.75" long) 2.5" below the bottom of the image box.  Again, this was centered under the box.  I then drew connecting lines from the corners of the image box to the ends of the lines.  You will need one of these panels with the image on it.  

You can use the cut out panel as a guide to trace around.  Or, if you want, just draw another panel using the same measurements as the first, but without the image in it.  You will need three of the blank panels cut out.

You will need to score and make mountain folds along the dashed blue lines shown in the first example.

Now, color your image.  I used Prismacolor pencils in the following colors:  907, 908, 909, 911, 916, 917, 922, 923, 925, 942, 950, 988, 994, 1012, 1034, 1067, and 1090.      

This is an example of how I colored my image.

Next, I used a fast grabbing glue for putting the panels together.  I put some glue on top of Tab A, spread it out with an old card (similar to a credit card) I had gotten in with my junk mail. I placed the top of Tab A under the right side of the panel. I did this with all four panels.

After the panels were dry, I folded all four Tab B's in toward the center of the bottom of the box.  I then used some of the glue to adhere them together for strength.

I printed another copy of the Bells and Holly digital image on the heavy weight card stock.   I cut out just the bow.  I tied a bow with plaid ribbon and then glued it to the cut-out bow.  I twisted the ribbon so that it would end up being about the same width as the bow in the image.  After it was dry, I glued it right over top of the bow in the colored image on the box.  Note:  You may want to set the box on its side at this time to allow the bow to dry without sliding down the side of the box.

I also added two gold colored snowflake buttons.  First, I cut the shanks off the buttons.  Then, I glued the buttons on over the jingle bells in the image.

Here is my completed box ... empty.  

And then when finished, filled with Christmas kisses.

I was thinking about putting a handle on it, much like a basket, but thought it would not let me put as much in it as I would like.  What do you think?  Handle or no?

Until next time, I am ever searching for inspiration,


A new pin for my winter coat!

Here are the steps I took to create a holly pin for my winter coat.  It follows the November challenge from A Creative Need.  Check it out here.

I opened up a word document and inserted the Sprig of Holly digital image from the A Creative Need Etsy store.  I reduced the image width to 4.5".  I printed the image on white shrink plastic.  

I colored the image with Prismacolor pencils and cut it out leaving a small white margin around the image as shown in the picture above.  Note:  Be sure to color the image lightly as it will brighten considerably when you shrink the plastic.

Here are the colors I used ... PC909, PC922, PC024, PC026, PC941, PC1082, PC1090, and PC1096

After I had colored and cut out the image, I shrunk it.  Please follow the instructions on the package to shrink your image.

I cut a piece of plaid ribbon about 6 1/2" long.  I also cut a 1 1/4" x 3" piece of 1/8" thick black craft foam. These will be used for the back of my pin.

I placed the craft foam about an inch down from the top of the ribbon.  I folded the bottom up and the top down over the craft foam.  I used the fast grabbing glue to glue the two ends of the ribbon down.  Then, I glued the sides together.  

After the glue dried, I glued the shrunken holly spring to the pin.  I cut the shank off a Christmas bells button and added it above the holly.  I attached a pin finding to the back of the pin.  

And this is what it looks like on my winter coat ...

Until next time, I am ever searching for inspiration,